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Andres Alegria

Film Editor • Producer • Community Activist

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The Documentary Film

The documentary project was inspired by a man, a song and a poet.

In 2004, Abel Sanchez and Jorge Santana wrote the lyrics and the music to “A Song for Cesar” as a tribute to the legacy of Cesar Chavez, the farmworker movement, the United Farm Workers Union, and most of all the farmworkers and their families. They put the words to music and set the song to a short video infused with iconic images of musicians and artists working side-by-side with Cesar to give voice to struggling farmworkers.

Soon after, Abel shared the video set to “A Song for Cesar” with his life-long friend, the esteemed poet Maya Angelou. Upon viewing it, Ms. Angelou told Abel that the story of Cesar and the musicians who elevated his peaceful movement must be shared with world more thoroughly – by way of a full documentary. The film would serve to educate generations old and new about Cesar’s legacy of impactful, peaceful protest and how perseverance, coupled with artistic inspiration, could help change the world for the better. Ms. Angelou insisted that Abel promise to make the film – which he did. With his deepest respect and admiration for her, there was no way Abel would deny fulfilling his vow to this remarkable woman.

Abel and his partner Andres Alegria then embarked upon creating the documentary “A Song for Cesar” in what would become a 15 year labor of love.

Outakes and an inside look into the making of the “A Song for Cesar” documentary film project.

Organizing to Give a Voice to Those Without One

To Inspire and Elevate the Farmworker Movement

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The ultimate goal of ” A Song for Cesar” is to educate and inspire. Now more than ever, people struggle for justice and to be heard. Much can be learned by recalling Cesar’s brave and peaceful movement that lifted oppressed farmworkers and their families out of unfathomable conditions and created a movement that lives on today.

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