About The Band

The Band

Song For Cesar Band (SFC) is a result of the documentary film and story of Cesar Chavez and the Farmworker Movement written and produced by Abel Sanchez and Andres Alegria. SFC was formed by bandleader Abel Sanchez to represent the music and soundtrack that is highlighted throughout the documentary and story of Cesar Chavez and the Farmworker Movement.

Bandleader Abel Sanchez describes the (SFC) band as a Latin Soul band inclusive of many genres, giving this band the flexibility to delve into the many styles enjoyed by this cast of versatile musicians and the ability to reach diversified audiences.

About The Song

The birth of Song for Cesar – The Music and The Movement, began over 15 years ago in 2006. Abel Sanchez along with Jorge Santana co-wrote “Song For Cesar” the title song of the film documentary. Having been involved and connected with the UFW and Cesar Chavez family for years, Abel was asked, encouraged, and inspired to subsequently pursue making a full-length feature documentary of this legacy. He was introduced to Andres Alegria and the rest is history.

Longtime Veteran Musician and Bandleader

Being a longtime veteran musician and bandleader out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Abel called on many friends to join a rotating cast of musicians to be part of Song for Cesar performances, recordings, and events. Musicians from bands like Santana, Malo, El Chicano, War, Tierra, Little Joe & La Familia, Sly & the Family Stone, Abel & The Prophets, Tower of Power, Cold Blood, Azteca, and many others, joined the SFC project during its maiden voyage. Subsequently, Abel has now formed the Song For Cesar Band (SFC).

SFC, as it has been coined, brings a show representing many of the artists, music, and songs, featured in the film. Various diverse styles of music that were the soundtrack of our lives dating from the 1960s on through to present days. Blues, Soul, Latin Rock, Funk, Tex Mex, and Jazz, are all represented at one point in the performances by SFC.

The SFC band ranges from an acoustic ensemble to a full out 12-piece band and revue depending on the size of event and venue.

Be ready for an evening of music that not only lifts the spirit but takes the audience through an evening of diverse genres, songs, and a memorable experience that you will be glad you joined. Abel Sanchez and the Song for Cesar Band (SFC) invite you to join them and let the Eagle Fly!

Si Se Puede!

For all band inquiries, contact the band’s booking agent, Maria Matias Music, Inc., an international booking agency located in Carmel, California.

Supporting Musicians

  • Steve Salas
  • Gibby Ross
  • David George
  • Tony Lindsay
  • Richard Bean
  • Frankie Bailey
  • Tam Sugayan
  • Lowell Watson
  • Mike Torres
  • Ramiro Amador
  • Roger Alves
  • Tony Menjivar
  • Aki Starr
  • Mic Gillette
  • Marcos Reyes
  • Gregg Errico
  • Rudy Salas
  • Marcus Lopez
  • Carlos Guadarrama
  • Ali Berumen
  • Mike Rinta
  • Fred Sanchez
  • Bill Ortiz
  • Raul Rekow
  • Leo Rosales
  • Brad Erkeneff
  • Constantine Gus Bogios
  • Willie G
  • Tom Poole
  • Gary Luenberger
  • Melinda Olivera
  • Victor Bejarano
  • Arcelio Garcia
  • Marcia Miget
  • Gabriel Manzo
  • Rafael Ramirez
  • Alfred Sanchez
  • Diana Gameros
  • Carlos Reyes
  • Herman Eberitzsch